All Of Your Questions Answered

We have been asked the same questions thousands of times since opening our store.  We decided it would be more helpful to answer all of your questions here. 

Our store is Drifts East.  We have no affiliation with Homeport, we did not buy their store, take over their lease or any such thing.  

What Happened to Homeport?  

They left in November 2021 - The space was entirely empty.

Why did they leave?

We have no idea - They still have their location in town, if you'd like to ask them.

Where did the other rooms go?  

There were two enclosures.... one on the water side and one on the patio.  They were demolished in 2019.  

We know they existed.  They were gone before we took the space.  We had nothing to do with their removal.

Why did they remove them?

We have no idea but hear they were in poor condition.

Each store is owned and operated individually.  We all have our own hours of operation.  

We agree change is hard and sad.  We are however, Very happy to be here.

There is a bathroom next to Greenlines under the Blue Overhang.  When this bathroom is closed there is another one up the driveway directly across the street. 

We do not have a bathroom in our store. 

We love being here and hope you enjoy our store.