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VinOstream On Bottle Aerator & Dispenser

VinOstream On Bottle Aerator & Dispenser

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The VinOstream from Cork Pops is the perfect addition for any wine enthusiast! This 2-in-1 aerator and dispenser gives you premium wine with the push of a button - no more pouring and waiting for the wine to breathe! Simple to assemble and air-tight seal allows you to leave it on open bottles. Cheers to that!

Preparation Instructions

To Assemble: 1. Insert inlet tube in hole on bottom of stopper, and push in all the way. 2. Firmly insert vinostream into bottle to ensure a snug. Air tight fit. 3. Place air cartridge in vinostream and click into place by gently pressing down. To Use: 4. Hold wine glass near vinostream spout. 5. Dispense and aerate wine by pushing down on air cartridge. Air-tight seal allows vinostream to be left on open wine bottles. To Clean: Remove unit from bottle. Remove inlet tube and air cartridge. Hand wash. Dry and reassemble.

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